For the love of food

Feb 01, 2021 | Blog

Food… we all have a different relationship with our beloved energy resource. If we are watching what we eat or thinking about making healthier choices, our first thoughts tend to be How many calories are in thisHomuch exercise would I have to do to burn it off? Are four biscuits too many for one day? It’s easy to forget that food is much more than just calories.  

As it’s the month of love and kindness, come on, lets rekindle that spark with the food we eat.

It’s a balancing act  

Restricting your diet to only ‘good’ or ‘healthy’ foods can leave you feeling unsatisfied and quite honestly, miserableDo away with the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ terminology and plan in meals that make you feel happy. The secret is to tweak them slightly. Follow the healthy plate model – fill up half your plate with vegetables and the rest can be made up of protein sources - meat, poultry, fish, eggs, lentils and higher carbohydrate foods such as wholemeal pasta, brown rice and potatoes.  

Spice things up in the kitchen

Do your research and find new meal inspiration that excites you. Try searching online recipes or asking friends for ideas. Check out our Facebook page for new simple recipes to try.

Make mealtime a ritual

Like any good relationship, you need to give time and energy to show appreciation. That goes for your food too. Instead of wolfing down your dinner in front of the TV, take time to set the table, remove distractions and sit down to enjoy your meal. Notice the taste, texture and smell of each bite. This will also help your body recognise when it’s full naturally.

Good food memories

That delicious Sunday roast in your favourite pub, Mum’s divine homemade curry, that dreamy paella sitting in warm climes with a sea breeze that reminds you of holidays. Whatever it is, have a go at recreating it at home. Add something extra to really take you back - throw on your holiday clothes, light some candles, or facetime your family.

Remember, counting calories can sometimes do more harm than good. Restricting our daily intake to fit into a diet plan can mess with our natural hunger queues potentially leading us to overeat and also making us sacrifice the things we love most. Good food with quality exercise is the best combination towards living a happier healthier life.

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